Most people have slipped on stairs at least once in their lifetime, and it is not a pleasant experience. As we age, stairs can be an especially dangerous risk for serious falls. Did you know that the second highest cause of deaths in the U.S. is slip and fall accidents? While outdoor stairs are affected by adverse weather conditions, stairs indoors can also become slippery. It can be as simple as someone running late to work, and spilling their coffee on the stairs, or someone tracking water in from outside on a rainy day. Stairs in businesses can run an even greater risk because the soles of most dress shoes are very smooth. Sadly, injuries resulting from wet stairs occur daily and are sometimes fatal. That’s why it’s important to reduce your risk of injury—and for a business, liability—by treating stairs with an anti slip product to keep injuries, and potentially fatal accidents, to a minimum. Call Slip Fixers for a free evaluation, and take action before an accident happens.

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